Join Pack 3381


Boys or girls must be enrolled at CSA and in the Kindergarten-5th Grades to join.


Nicole Bassette- Committee Chair & Treasurer-

Steve Bassette- Cubmaster & Den Leader-

Pricing to Join Cub Scouts:

Existing Scouts Fee: $135 Registration Dues for January 1st, 2023-December 31st, 2023

New Scout Joining Fee- Select (1) Joining Fee below based on the month that you are joining Cub Scouts:

$135 Registration Fee + $25 (One-time Joining Fee) + Pro-rated October Fee($33.75)= $193.75

$135 Registration Fee + $25 (One-time Joining Fee) + Pro-rated November Fee($22.50)= $182.50

$135 Registration Fee + $25 (One-time Joining Fee) + Pro-rated December Fee($11.25)= $171.25

**If you join Cub Scouts during Fall 2022, there's fees that we have to pay to Michigan Crossroads Council that are pro-rated based on the month that you join that will cover the remaining of 2022.

12 months membership

Fundraising helps cover the following:


Patches, belt loops, and pins earned through the year

Pinewood Derby kits, Model Rocket kits, and Raingutter Regatta kits

and free or reduced fees for Pack Events.

Scholarships available based on need. Cash, check, and credit card(processing fee applies) accepted.

See Fundraising Overview

Printable BSA Cub Scout Application