January Pinewood Derby



Check in :



The pack will provide each scout with a race car kit ahead of time.

Siblings and parents may purchase an extra kit to build themselves and race separately in our Outlaw Class. No awards are given for Outlaw Class.

Racing Classes:

  • Scout Class: must meet all rules outlined below and in the pdf file at the bottom of this page. Must be checked in the night before racing.

  • Sibling Class: must meet all the same requirements as scout class, including check-in the night before. Siblings are not eligible for trophies.

  • Outlaw/Adult Class: essentially no rules. It has to fit on our track and must be safe for the track and the spectators. Does not require early check in.

Awards and Trophies:

Trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place racers overall

Trophies awarded to top racer in each den (only one trophy per scout, you cannot win a den trophy and an overall place trophy)

Certificates awarded to Best in show for:

Best Workmanship by a scout

Best Paint Job

Best Scout Theme

Most Patriotic

Cub's Choice Best in Show

First place sibling car


Good sportsmanship is the goal!

You must have your car checked in by Friday night and it will not be available to you again until after the race

You must be present to race and to win

You must use the contents of the race kit supplied to you with no substitutions

The weight must not exceed 5.0 ounces, judges scale is final!

Special note: Do NOT use underbody mounted weights, they are not compatible with our track!

The width of the car may not be altered at the axles or it won't fit into the track slots

Only one trophy per scout. Certificates may be earned in addition to trophies.

Winners are determined by racing software that totals the cumulative times for all race heats, therefore the winner may or may not be the car that won the most heats

*See complete list of rules below in a pdf file at the bottom of this page

Den assignments: