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Popcorn sales are our biggest fundraiser of the year. It pays for our scouts’ everyday things like Pinewood Derby, Rocket Camp, etc. Everyone needs to help contribute to make these things possible and Popcorn is the largest way we earn that money, so help us sell Popcorn! Prizes are awarded by Trails-end for popcorn sold (see the prize list accompanying the order form) AND our Pack will also award the top 3 sellers! If you fill an entire “take order” sheet, sell $750, or $1000 in popcorn there are additional prizes available, please ask!

There are 4 ways to sell Popcorn. They all earn 34% profits. All popcorn MUST be paid for before you can take delivery of it for either “Door to Door” or “Take Orders”. You will receive a receipt for each payment in order to track credit for popcorn sales.

o Take Order Sales: This is the most traditional form of Popcorn sales.

§ Your scout uses an order form and takes orders from family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

§ Be safe and only go door to door with an adult.

§ You should collect the money at the time of order, but regardless, you must pay for the popcorn before you take delivery of it.

§ Popcorn orders are due late October at CSA. Turn in order forms and CHECKS MADE OUT TO “PACK 381” to Josie Purcell or Bonnie Dansby.

§ Popcorn is delivered Mid November at CSA TBA????.

§ If you can’t make the pickup date, arrangements can be made with me in private. Email: popcornkernel@pack381.com

o Door to Door: You may leave a signed check that will not be cashed unless there is a problem and pick up ready to sell popcorn in August and September in order to sell immediately at private events like a church group, or clubs, or neighbors.

§ Pick up dates are:

· By appointment: Email: popcornkernel@pack381.com

· Any popcorn you do not sell and is in GOOD CONDITION may be returned to us by appointment.

§ You can take this popcorn with you door to door for instant sales or you can deliver orders for customers who order and pay early so they don’t have to wait until the end of November.

§ If you sell out early and would like more popcorn, arrangements can be made with me in private to purchase more.

o Store Front Sales: Stores like Kroger and Lowes allow us to sell popcorn outside their front door on select weekends and times during Popcorn season. Sign up for shifts on Signupgenius.com and show up for a 2 hour shift.

§ Wear your uniform and be polite.

§ You may not solicit donations from people, but you may accept donations volunteered by people who don’t want popcorn but would like to support scouts.

§ You will track all your shift sales on a special form provided by the pack. We also provide change money, table, tent, popcorn, pens, and 2 chairs. If you can’t make a shift, please notify me ASAP, because if those shifts go unfilled, not only does the pack lose out on that fundraising opportunity, but the stores will be less likely to award us shifts in the future. We already compete with other packs at the same stores and at the same times for customers.

o Online Sales: Set up an account at sell.trails-end.com then submit the email addresses of anyone you would like to contact, or tell your friends and family to shop online at trails-end.com. They pay with their credit card online and the popcorn is shipped directly to their home. Your scout still gets credit for the sale. They must enter your zip code and select from the drop down menu of scouts listed by first name for the sale to be credited to you.